Option 1 - Advertise Only

Sales Fee - £660.00 Inc. VAT*

We will draw up the particulars to incluce measuremenst, photographs & 360 walkthroughs. The property will be advertised on Zoopla, On The Market and Tony John & Co's own website and the property displayed in our office in our office. 

The vendor carries out all viewings

The vendor carries out all price negotiations with the purchaser

The vendor instructs and liases with solicitors 

(*Payable up front. The fee is non-refundable whether or not a sale is agreed)


Option 2 - Traditional Full Service

Sales Fee £1,200 + VAT 



Landlord Fees 

Full Management Service:-  10% of Rental Income + VAT

Tenant Finder Fee:- £300.00 Inc. VAT

Finder Only Service:-  £420.00 Inc. VAT



Fees for Tenants

We do not charge fees when you commence a tenanct with us. However, there may be charges incurred during the tenancy. These are as follows:-


  1. You must pay the rent in full and on the dates agreed.  If you pay the rent late, we can charge you interest at 3% APR  once the rent is 7 days late.  We will charge you interest until the date we receive full payment.  If we receive your rent from someone else, we will consider them to be your agent.  We will not create a tenancy with any person who pays rent on your behalf.
  2. You must pay the council tax.
  3. You must pay for all gas, electricity, water, sewerage, phone and other services supplied to the property.
  4. You must arrange to receive bills for the taxes and services mentioned in condition 3 and 4, and you must pay the amounts in full and on time.  You agree that you are responsible for the items mentioned in conditions 3 and 4 after the end of this contract, until the tenancy has legally ended.
  5. We or our agent may recover the costs we have to pay for call outs to the property resulting from changes to the alarm code that we were not told about or your friends or relatives not knowing the code.
  6. We or our agent may recover the costs we have to pay for call outs because you have locked yourself out of the property.
  7. We or our agent may recover the costs we have to pay if we have to sort out returned keys.
  8. You agree to pay for damage caused to alarms or lights at the property due to a lack of electricity supply if you caused the lack of electricity supply.
  9. You will be responsible the cost of call out charges if you wrongfully ask for a workman to come to the property and this is due to incorrect information or against our or our agent’s advice.  The most you will have to pay is £51.87 inc VAT.
  10. You will have to pay a workmen’s call out charges if you fail to keep and appointment.  You can avoid these charges if you cancel the appointment at least two hours before the appointment or tell us or our agent that workmen may go to the property without you being there.


Laws Relating to Landlords

Tony John & Co are licensed as part of Rent Smart Wales and it is a requirement that all landlords are registered with this scheme. For more information please visit www.rentsmart.gov.wales 

Should a landlord still be unregistered after a period of 12 weeks of commencing instruction, it is a condition of Tony John & Co's license to report that landlord to Rent Smart Wales.